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Language expert ⎜Intercultural communications expert ⎜ web-designer and ex-expat.

I am a Dutch national who, for 22 years, lived, studied and worked in various countries:
the Netherlands, Egypt, Germany, Brazil, South-Korea and China.
After my return to the Netherlands, I studied at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam to become a NT2 (Dutch as a second language) teacher. After my certification I specialised in teaching the Dutch Language to expats and expat partners.

Teaching language is teaching much more than language. When people learn a language, they learn more than just that language. I thrive by seeing my students land and blossom in the Netherlands by learning the Dutch language. By learning about the Dutch and their culture. And by learning about themselves.

 I teach at various languages institutes in Amsterdam. If you are interested in taking Dutch lessons, please contact me at [email protected]. I can advise and bring you in contact with a school that will fit your needs.
Hope to talk to you!

 Esther Thelen